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About My House


The house is an old cottage style home on a quarter acre lot in a rural town. It has a well and is fenced in. The neighborhood is old with some newer homes that have been built in the last few years. It feels pretty safe and is well kept up! I really like the area.  Although, the mosquitos are BAD. I’m used to mosquitos, but these are a constant. I figure that I’ll have to put up some purple martin houses and maybe some bat houses too.
I got the house very cheaply because it has a lot of issues. The main being termite damage. I’m taking down all the sheet rock and most of the flooring to repair the damage to studs and floor joists. It’s hard work for me, but if I ever get it done, it will be a great little house.
It was a foreclosure home, and the person who owned it before thought they were hurting the bank by tearing the house up. Plumbing fixtures broken off into the walls, HVAC unit stripped, and general damage. Folks, don’t do this, please! It doesn’t really hurt the bank, it hurts the next owner. I don’t have the money to replace the AC, so we will be using the old standby, window units. The bathroom has no windows, so I’m trying to figure out how to cool it while taking showers. Any ideas? Also, no heat, so we will have those little heaters that look sort of like a radiator for our bedrooms. I’d love to have a small wood stove sometime in the future.
I had many promises of help with the house…don’t ever count on that! That’s my tip for the day. I started this the first of May and still have a lot of demolition work to do.  Many of my friends who are ladies have helped tremendously. A few teens have helped a couple of times, and two men from church have come out for a day. I am going to have to try to get some help from some kind of group that helps “needy” people. That gets under my skin a bit. I don’t have much choice though. Never planned to be in this position as an older middle-aged woman.

Well, enough griping…just having a low day.  Take care.

Daughter of Texas




Life has been very crazy for this old girl for a while now.  I bought a house back at the first of the year and am still working to renovate it.  It’s a really old, very run down place, but I am working hard to bring it back to glory!  Hard to do on your own with no budget though!  Ha.  It will get done and my daughter and I will have a home finally!  Yay!

All this to say that I have been too busy, working and renovating to post anything.  I miss it, but can’t keep up with everything these days.  I do hope to get back to it when things settle down.  Hope you are all well.   Take care and keep on prepping!

A Proud Daughter of Texas