Two Questions


Sorry I’ve been so lax with posting lately.  Lots going on in multiple areas lately.  Anyway, here’s a question…

What is your favorite prepping tip?

Come on guys, give me some feed back.  If that one doesn’t interest you, then another question…

What is the prepping item that you really, really want but can’t afford?

Let’s see what all we come up with.

Dehydrating and a solar generator are my two answers.

Thanks guys!

A Proud Daughter of Texas



About daughteroftexas

I love my God, my family, my state and my that order. I am a Christian woman, a libertarian leaning Republican, a prepper and a mom. I am gregarious, out spoken, but have a very caring heart. If I hurt your feelings I apologize now, but I do stand by my beliefs, the Bible and the Constitution of the USA. Oh, and I LOVE eating out!!

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  1. I think my best tip would be to keep it quiet about what all you have in your stores. Don’t need just everyone knowing where to go in case of something going on, ya know?

    My one thing I wish I had, but really can’t afford right now is a good diesel 4 wheel drive vehicle…something more dependable than the old truck I have right now!

    BTW, good to see you back again!

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