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A Melange of Thoughts and Things


Since the last link was received so well, here’s another one.   This one is fantastic!  I am new to his blog, but will be following it closely now.  I love his post about his own method of starting his homestead.  Be sure and take a look.

In other news, my office job will come to an end this next weekend.  This was my choice.  I am not going to kid you guys, I am not meant to be in a little office all day, running reports and doing this and that on the computer, along with about 20 other jobs.  This type of work needs a mind that’s sharp as a tack to keep up with all the threads hanging everywhere.  I am still working at my other job and I love it.  It’s mindless but enjoyable work.  They feed me too!!! That’s always a plus.  Also, it’s only a mile from where I live, so my gas budget will be amazingly cheaper.  I still want to get something else to do, maybe at home depot or lowe’s (to get the discount;).

So, there are some political things that are bothering me right now.  First off, have you heard about the U S Army allowing muslims to wear their head coverings (hijab) with their JR ROTC uniform?  Read this –  Yep,  it’s true.  How long now until the regular Army makes this move?  Sharia will be taking over pretty soon.  We’ll be just like Europe.  These things are slipped in on us, one by one, and we don’t take notice.  If it was done all at once, there would, of course, be an outcry, but this way is the proven way to slip controversial things by the citizens.  To be honest, most folks have been brainwashed, yes, brainwashed to feel that we have to accept everything, because we wouldn’t want to offend anyone.  Sad…

Next, look at this link – . Do you really want the government to have this much information about your kids?  I know, that horse is already out of the barn, but I feel the need to say, have you thought about maybe homeschooling your precious children?  It’s about that time people.  This thing isn’t the only reason, and those of us who like less government in our lives recognise that this is way out of line.  Our kids are OUR treasure.  Why would we let their futures be influenced this way?

Now, on to some nicer topics.  With my christmas money, I bought myself a camp oven!  I also bought some carry bags for my shotguns, but the oven is my toy.  I’ve wanted one for a long time, so I went to Academy and didn’t even hesitate, just grabbed it and ran.  I got a knife sharpener and a few other things too.  So I’m a happy lady today.  It really feels great to add to my preps.  Someday soon, hopefully, I’ll be able to use some of these things on my own homestead.

Well, that’s it for today.  I wish you all a blessed and happy New Year!

A Proud Daughter of Texas


Interesting Blog


For the last few months I have been following an interesting blog.  At this point in the blog I am following the family’s move to Texas, which area I don’t know.  They came down here a couple of weeks ago and are trying to quickly build a cabin.  They are living in an RV with several people and dogs!  Watch and read their progress here

Hope everyone is doing well.

A Proud Daughter of Texas

They’re At It Again!


I’m jumping on my soapbox…

The cost of the Obama’s “Annual” Vacation is being reported by The Hawaii Reporter, as being at least $4,000,000.00!  Yes, that’s FOUR MILLION!!  Really?  That much?  It’s sad to me that anyone would spend that kind of money on a vacation, but if it is their money, it’s really none of my business.  Now, I know that this vacation is using some of our tax dollars, and I wouldn’t care if the President and his family took a modest vacation on us, say once a year.  But these people have to name their vacations to differentiate which one is which, they take so many.

Isn’t this the man who is for the down and out, the poor and the jobless?   Now I’m not someone who believes in the government paying for all our needs, but wouldn’t some of this money be better spent helping some validly needy people?  What hypocrisy and waste.

So the next story that has my dander up is that we are getting close to sending food aid to NORTH KOREA!!!!!  Again, REALLY?  See the paragraph above….   What is wrong with this picture???   I personally know people who have lost their jobs and are suffering to make things stretch so they can eat, and we are talking about sending food aid to North Korea.   By the way, WE CAN’T PAY OUR UNITED STATES DEBT, so why are we sending resources to other countries?   Age old question, I know.

Folks, just face it…this country, run like it is, is doomed.  Please get your financial and spiritual houses in order now, so when things go south, you will have a chance of making it through.

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but I don’t see any way around our future, the way we are going.

Take care and may God’s blessings rain upon you all!

A Proud Daughter of Texas

These are links to the stories I referenced.