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Woo Hoo!!! I have two jobs now!  One is a two month project to work on a company’s file system.  The other will be an ongoing job hopefully.  The events staging company, Tad Aker’s, is where I hope to be spending my Friday and Saturday nights from now on.

Tomorrow is my first event and Monday I will be starting the office job.  It’s funny how things change so quickly.  I just hope that this helps the ol’ resume by adding some job experience.  I can now sock away some savings and maybe find a house that has a large lot outside the city limits.  Dreams…we gotta have ’em.

One problem though.  I am fairly tall and I wear size 11 shoes and 12 tennis shoes.  It’s hard to find 12’s in ladies shoes…and I have to have a pair of black ones for work tomorrow.  So I am getting ready for a shoe mission.  I need something REALLY comfortable for standing and walking a long time.  I may end up with really ugly shoes, but I long for feminine shoes.  People with petite feet have problems finding shoes too, but I do envy them.  Oh I guess I would look ridiculous with tiny feet, but to wear a size 8 or 9 would be a blessing!  All styles are available in those sizes.  Well, I will prevail…they may be ugly, but hopefully they will be comfortable.

Have any of you bloggers noticed that a lot of times you start out on one subject and your post goes off in a whole new direction?   I never expected to talk so much about my feet today. Hah!!!  Well I’d better get moving so I don’t have to shop tomorrow.  Take care all.

A Proud Daughter of Texas

I still can only comment sporadically on others blogs.  Don’t know why.  SEL works sometimes, but DOT…never.

UPDATE:  I found shoes at Payless of all places.  I looked at the “good” shoe stores and none carried my size.  Payless had a buy one get one half off so I was able to get two pair.   I can change shoes mid way tonight now!  Wish me luck!!


Blood-Sucking Vampires!!!


So the rain we had a few weeks ago, that helped our plants, has backlashed on us with vast clouds of mosquitos who are chasing us now.  Literally!   They truly chased us to the car, on friday night, and covered the car trying to get to us!  Reminded me of Michael Crighton’s book PREY.

Believe it or not, I have finally found a great benefit to drought.  NO MOSQUITOES!  Still, we really need rain, but I hate those little, evil vampires.   Because of this onslaught the age-old question has been renewed with vigor…Why did God make mosquitoes???  I know there’s an answer, but I figure knowing it won’t help the sting any, so I guess that’s one for later.

I am not one of those lady-like women who never scratches in public.  If a bite itches, I’m gonna scratch!  The bad thing is that I don’t just scratch, I almost claw at the bites.  Some mornings I wake up and find that during the night I have rubbed my foot on a bite so much that there’s an area the size of a quarter raw.  Some summers my legs have scars all up and down them.  I have found that if the skin is broken, which it usually is, I can ease the sting by putting something with menthol on it.  It burns quite a bit at first, but then it really settles down.  I keep a bottle of Stop Pain on my bedside table so I can use it at a moment’s notice.  I don’t know if others are affected by the bites like this or if I’m just extra sensitive to them.  I guess it really doesn’t make a difference…they still sting.

Why is it that some people attract mosquitoes more than others?  Supposedly dark colors attract them.   I have heard that scents might be the culprit.  That can’t be my problem, because everything I use is unscented.  A theory about repelling them is, that if you eat a lot of garlic, the resulting odor is offensive to the little buggers…uh, yeah, that’s a no brainer.  It’s offensive to everyone!  But is it really true?  I know that if I put Vick’s vaporub on my legs, feet and face at night, any mosquito that’s in my room stays away.  Even most humans don’t like that scent.  I say they’re crazy…I love to stick my nose in the jar and take a deep breath.  Exhilarating!  Anyway, if any of you have some great insect repellant recipes, please feel free to post them in the comments section.  It would be interesting to see how others deal with this problem.

Speaking of insect repellents, a friend posted on Facebook the other night that all of the stores she went to were out of mosquito sprays.  It turns out that this problem is all over our area.  I saw a sign in front of Walgreen’s today that flashed the message that they had Off in stock.  Lucky for me, Target had multi packs on sale a month or so ago and I stocked up.  Prepping coming to the rescue again!!!  What can I say…it’s not just about financial collapse or hurricanes…prepping can be about the little things too.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope that you are mosquito free!  Take care and stock up!

A Proud Daughter of Texas




Bicycle Kits


Can you patch a bike inner tube?  Change a bike chain?  What about change out a pedal on your bike?  If you’re like me, you may remember your dad patching your bike tires, but you’ve never done it yourself.   Are you asking yourself why is she getting into this subject?  Well, the reason I’m interested in learning these chores is that someday soon I just might be relying on my bike to get me where I need to go, and it would be really expedient for me to know how to keep it in working condition.  Some weeks I may not have money for gas, or my car may break down and I might be running low on cash at that moment.  Boy, would a bike help out then!  Not too far from most people’s reality these days.

If you look in the bike sections at Wal-Mart or Target you can find many of the tools and parts needed to fix a flat, replace an inner tube, fix or replace a chain and many other items that will be great for enhancing the performance of your bicycle.  It would be a good idea to get a kit ready now, so you’ll have everything you need when you have a problem. A really good pump is a necessity.  I have packages of patches and other tire repair items in my kit.  I want to get an extra chain but keep forgetting to see what size I need before I go to the store.  I also want a good basket on the front.  Some really heavy-duty chains and lock combos would be smart too.  Hey, maybe even a long sheath for a long gun…gotcha guys!!   All joking aside, it just might be needed.  I know a couple of people who could have used some real protection lately.

If you don’t have a bike, I’m going to ask you to really consider getting one as soon as possible.  If the time comes when many of us need bikes, it will be harder to find them and even if you are able, you’d better believe that they won’t be cheap!  Bikes can be bought second-hand and fixed up pretty easily.  The parts might add up though if it’s in really bad shape.  We got my daughter’s bike at Wal-Mart for less than $100.00 because it was a discontinued model of a pretty expensive bike.  She loves it.

So, if you have a bike and don’t know how to make the repairs it might need, here’s a link to help you out. .  There are others that you can find by using a search engine, so please check them out and get acquainted with these instructions before you need them.

Hope this sunday finds you all having a fantastic day.

A Proud Daughter of Texas

Alvin Opry


This evening a group of friends from church and I are going to the Opry!  I’d love it to be in Nashville, but I don’t like to travel too much.  So we are going to the Alvin Opry.  It will be a new experience for me and I’m really looking forward to it.  We are also eating out before…to me that makes just about anything great!

Growing up, mom introduced us to many music genres, but I’d have to say that most of the music we listened to was country.  The real country music…not the stuff today that might as well be pop.  Some of those songs are good too, they just seem a little far from the original stuff.  Merle Haggard was my favorite growing up. I’d have to say that I love bluegrass more now.   As a young man my older brother loved Hank Williams…ad nauseum.  He plays several instruments and as a kid had a hangout room up in the attic of one of our homes.  That room was right above mine and he stomped around in his cowboy boots singing and playing his banjo or guitar.   Did I mention that my room was right BELOW this?   It about drove me insane!  As we got older he continued playing and to this day is very talented.  I remember when we lived in Tucumcari, NM, he would get together with several of the men from church and play bluegrass.  The house there was not on a slab and boy did it bounce with all those boots stomping.  These are wonderful memories.  I’m sorry if I’m repeating a story here.

So back to the music. Mom also played Glenn Miller, Mario Lanza, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Don Cherry, and one of my favorites, Ray Price.  Those are just a few.  We had a juke box that was rigged to play without money and mom loaded that thing down.  It was so much fun to punch those buttons and get a song…hey, that was the forerunner to the iPod. Ha.

I have a little iPod shuffle.  That’s the one with the least buttons and no screen…perfect.  It’s loaded down with songs from so many different styles of music.  Just like mom.  It’s a great little gadget.  I can clip it on my shirt while I’m working or with a little cord, play the music on a boom box or my car radio.  It really comes in handy.  My chores fly by when I’m listening to music.  It’s hard to pick a favorite from my playlist, but I really do love “Mandolin Rain”, by Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby.  It’s beautiful.

Well, I guess I’ll go take a nap so I’ll be ready for all the excitement tonight.  Thanks for listening to my rambling. Y’all take care and listen to some good music tonight.  Oh, next month is the bluegrass concert here in League City. Yea!!

A Proud Daughter of Texas

Here’s the link for the Alvin Opry


Living in a house that isn’t ours, I decided not to get internet through the local cable company.  We use our cell phones instead of a land line, so we do not have dial-up capabilities.  Well, I decided to try Verizon’s MiFi.  Let me tell you, for me, it’s been a real pain!  First of all they sold the unit to me and signed me up for the usual two-year contract.  So I took the device, which is about the size of a credit card, and tried it out at the house.  We were able to get online off and on, but I really gave it a chance.  After I finally got fed up with it cutting us off too much, I took it back.  That was a mistake.  The service person told me that I was supposed to have returned the device within 14 days to get a refund.  So, definitely, no refund.  I was pretty upset at this point.  They told me to call tech support and see if the guy there could help me by tweaking the towers.  Yeah, that worked. Right… So after calling again, they basically said, “tough luck”.  I stewed about this for a couple of weeks and then went back into the store and told them to just cut off the service because I was paying for something that was useless.  The clerk then informed me that there would be a 170.00 charge for breaking the contract!  Now, I am not a violent person, but at that moment, I’d say it was a close call.  I thought I was going to have a stroke!  By the way, I pay $50.00 a month for the service.  This is comparable to cable internet and even Verizon’s home line internet.  The service allows 5 gigs of data to be used a month and then it’s $10.00 for each extra Gig of data used.  Well, I’m not the most computer savvy person out there.  Five gigs sounded like a lot to me, but boy, was I surprised when I got the first notice that we were at our limit and the usage period had several days left.  This little thing is supposed to support up to five devices…if we are only using two computers, how could 5 gigs support five devices for a month???

Oh I forgot to tell you, it turns out that the area we live in…the store is in this area, by the way…does not fully support 4G yet.  Supposedly we are right on the line, so the device was wavering between 3G and 4G.  Verizon finally sent me a newer version of the MiFi, after I called again, and it is working better, but we still get cut off several times a day.  That’s really aggravating when you are in the middle of a post or even worse, a job application, and you get cut off.  I have lost a few things that way and have had to learn to look before clicking on anything to make sure I’m still online.

I guess the point of this post is to let people know that this Verizon MiFi device and the support behind it is really, really the worst!!!  Do not make this mistake!!!   So, now I’m stuck for two years using this thing, but when our phone contracts are up, I’ll not sign another one…and the MiFi will definitely be history!

That’s my recommendation…for what it’s worth.  Take care everyone.

A Proud (but duped) Daughter of Texas





Verizon MiFi

Special Sunday Service…Y’all Come!


This sunday is Bring A Friend Day at our church-League City Church of Christ.   I truly think kids are much better at this inviting stuff than the adults.  It’s funny how you gain so many inhibitions as you get older.  Kids just have that joy all in them and they want to share it with their friends.  What’s really funny is, I invited the young couple whose car I hit last week.  They were sweet kids, but I bet they are a little hesitant to meet up with me again!  It would be great to see them though.  Anyway, we are having a big potluck lunch after the morning service.  I tell you there’s some wonderful food on several long tables and a separate area of tables for desserts.  Of course I don’t just go for the food but it sure is a great extra!  One of our ladies makes homemade yeast rolls and my mouth is watering just thinking about them!  Enough about the food…

Sadly, last saturday morning, a neighbor was walking through our church parking lot and was accosted by two young women.  They started out by asking for directions to NASA, then knocked her on the head and grabbed for her purse.  When she didn’t give it up, one of them pulled a knife on her.  She gave up the purse.  They then jumped in their car and took off…with the lady dragging along!  She had jumped up too and grabbed onto the window to try and grab her purse back.  Well she finally let go, fell and they were gone.  A neighbor saw what was happening and called the police. They came and took a report and looked for the girls.   They later found the purse with everything but her wallet and cellphone in it.  It’s a real shame that you can’t walk places anymore.  These girls were brazen.  This was in broad daylight!  And just about 40 yards from my door!!!  The story was reported on Channel 2 news, on tuesday, I believe.

Tonight, about 11:30, while I was sitting in my living area, I heard screaming and laughing outside the window.  I turned out the lights and checked out the window and it was a bunch of teens running around on the property next door.  I watched for a while to make sure that my dogs barking at them didn’t bring the kids over to bother them.  It didn’t.   I didn’t call the police because they weren’t really doing anything wrong, that I could tell, but it does make me nervous to have people outside like that.  We have people walking through all the time, though…day and night.

Well, I started this out with the intention of talking about our worship service on sunday and went off in another direction.  Nothing unusual, huh.  If any of you are in the west Galveston bay area on Sunday, please come by the church and visit.  We have Bible class at 9 am and  worship service at 10 am.  Then lunch…I’d love to meet you!

Everyone take care.

A Proud Daughter of Texas

Slow Going


Well, it’s not easy to come up with a subject to write about every day.  Even every other day.  I really want to keep on with this, so bear with me.  I will figure this out.  I think other things are crowding my thoughts right now.

So I’ll keep this going, maybe slowly, but going.

A Proud Daughter of Texas