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Addictions…yes, legal ones


Sleep eluded me last night.  Happens now and again and leaves me foggy for the day. I really should drop the caffeine, because I know it’s a major part of the problem.  So, yes, I am an addict!  Most of us are, to one thing or another.  I’d say that the internet and our smart phones are two of the biggest legal addictions in this day and age.  Yeah I know, caffeine is right up there too, along with tobacco.  I don’t use tobacco though.  The others…yeah.

I have gotten off of caffeine several times and I’m here to tell you it STINKS!  No not literally, but boy it sure does do a number on your body.  Especially your head.  The headaches are horrible.  And talk about dragging around like a zombie…it’s not pretty.  I’ve learned to wean myself off.  It takes about a week to clear the headaches, but quite a bit longer to lose the yearning for a Diet Coke and pep up.  It seems that every time I get off of them, I do great for a while, and then I go to an event that has nothing but caffeinated drinks.  It gets me every time!  Next thing I know, I’m going through a 12 pack in two or three days.

Guess I ought to be glad I don’t drink alcohol, huh.  Well, I haven’t decided to go through it again…yet.  But I’m sure that a few more nights like last night will push me there pretty quickly.

I started this post out with the intent of saying, “Sorry, but I’m too tired to think”.  Obviously, I have trouble with one-liners.

Going try to go to sleep in a bit, so good night all.

By the way, fellow Gulf Coasters, watch the Gulf this week.  There’s a chance for rain!!!  Just no flooding, please.

A Proud Daughter of Texas



What if…


In Texas we have many types of landscapes and climates.  Right now, I’d say all of them are HOT!  The air conditioners are working overtime to keep up and everyone dreads seeing that bill come in the mail.  Some of us will average our bills so we won’t feel so shocked when we get our summer bills.  Well, just think about this…what if one day you came home, walked in the house, and found it sweltering hot inside?!?  THE A/C WENT OUT!!  I think at that point most of us don’t think too rationally.  We just want it fixed and fixed now!  So are you willing to pay the first person who can get there, whatever fee he demands, to fix it?  Do you even have the money to fix it?  Are you willing to put it all on a credit card and pay the interest fees?  If not you may have to live a few days without A/C.  What a nightmare!

Ok.  Next…what if…Your husband or wife comes home, stunned, and tells you that they have been given a pink slip and told that Friday will be their last day of work?  The company is struggling and is having to lay off several people or else shut down.  You know that jobs are scarce right now and it will most likely take a while to find a new one, that is if you’re lucky.  What would you do?  Live off of credit cards for a while?  You know you can stay in your house for a few months before you are forced out and you can collect unemployment for several months.  But what you get will be nothing compared to your past salary.  You still have to eat, take your medicines, go to the doctor, make your car notes, pay insurance, etc.  What will you do?

Then, of course, we have all heard of or experienced the many natural disasters that plague the earth.  I have personally lost a house and all its contents to a hurricane. I could go on and on with many examples of personal  and natural disasters that happen to normal people.  It’s a daily occurrence.

So, if I told you that there were ways to mitigate some of the problems which come with these disasters, by implementing some prior planning, would you scoff, or would you like many, everyday, normal people think,  “hmm, maybe there is something to this.  I’ll see what she has to say.”?  Well, if you thought the second one, fantastic, go ahead and read the rest of the post.  But, if you scoffed, well, I guess you’d be wasting your time reading on…but just maybe…oh, come on, give it a chance.  You might be surprised how much common sense you see in the points ahead.

The first thing I would ask you to think about is how you would pay for that A/C?  Wouldn’t it be great if you had no outstanding debt and you had an emergency fund to dig into?  “That’s pie in the sky thinking”, you say.  You might be surprised at how quickly you can get yourself in that debt free position.  It sounds heavenly doesn’t it.  To have no debt besides a house note and maybe a car note.  Most people who have accomplished this in their lives say that they knocked their debt out one credit card or note at a time.  They did without some frivolous things and chose an amount to sock into one chosen debt or card, while still paying the others normally.  It does take sacrifice, but it’s well worth it!  Then, when that card is paid off they start with the next one.  They pay the normal note plus the amount they were paying to get rid of the first debt all added together and knock that card out of the park.   And so on and so on.  Before you know it, you are amazed at the debt that is paid off!

Along the way, it’s  also smart to put back a set amount of cash for an emergency fund.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount.  I never spend my coins and am amazed how quickly they add up.  Some people may only be able to put up ten dollars a pay check, but when something goes wrong, that money is a blessing.  As your debt is paid off, you will be able to put more cash back and have quite a nest egg.

I have lived on the credit rollercoaster before and it was unbelievably stressful!  Please think about adding these strategies to your life.  If that personal disaster does hit, you will be in a much better position to handle it.  And if no disaster hits…think about living life without the stress of personal debt hanging over your head!!  What a great way to live!

In coming days and weeks I plan to give you other tips for making life more peaceful through preparedness.  Not every post of course.  That would get too dry and I like to have fun too much!

Here’s hoping that we can stay cool.

Praying for our nation.

A Proud Texas Daughter

PS..I have to give credit to Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast.  He’s been a great mentor!

Party Food and Wonderful Friends


Today was my daughter’s 17th birthday!  She’s a senior this year.  She came home from school today and told me that everyone was calling her the baby of the class and I think she really got a kick out of it.  It’s kind of nice to be special for a day. I threw a party for her tonight. Very laid back.  Mostly friends from our church came, but her two best friends since kindergarten age came too.  They are twins and they  have been very close friends with my daughter over the years.

We had people from age 78 to 1 year visiting, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  The one year-old is our church baby and was the wonderful evenings entertainment!  It’s amazing to watch the many generations interact together.  I hear so much about the generation gap, and I know it’s there, but I didn’t see it tonight.  We are a group of friends who are really family.  My daughter and I are so blessed to have each one in our lives.

Well about the food…I didn’t cook anything myself!  I went to that big bulk store and bought it all.  Except for the birthday cake.  A dear friend made a work of art today!  It was a vanilla cake. She used a regular sized bundt pan for the center and then baked little bundt cakes to place around the sides.  She made an amazing glaze, topped it with sliced strawberries and almonds, then drizzled chocolate over it all, then topped it with whipped cream.  As the old saying goes, “Shut my mouth!”.   (All I can figure that means is that my mouth is hanging open from amazement…which it was).  She did all of this while taking care of her one year-old grandson!  We all know she’s Super Woman.

It’s so important to have these relationships.  Whether in fun times like tonight or during seasons which have been rough for one or the other of us, we try to support each other.  Birthday presents are wonderful…as my daughter would tell you tonight, but, really, having the love of these wonderful friends far surpasses any material gift!

So, thank you dear friends…I love you all!

Oh!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!

A Proud Daughter of Texas


Do you know your State Dish?


Do you know what the State Dish of Texas is?  You know every state has a bird, tree, song, etc., but did you know there are state dishes.  No, not china, but actual food.  Well, ours is the wonderful pot of Chili!  Texas is the place that came up with Chili, so I guess it stands to reason that it would be our dish.  Yeah, I know, Chicago thinks theirs is the best.  Several other places make that claim too, but sorry folks, we got y’all beat.  To be honest, even here we have different ideas about Chili…the main being, tomatoes or no tomatoes.  I happen to love them in Chili, but purists say NEVER!  My mom tells of my great-uncle who was a trail cook on a chuck wagon as a young man.  He told her that real Chili never has tomatoes, the flavor comes from the meat and spices.  So, needless to say, we disagree on this point.   I hate to admit it, but mom’s right.  Oh, not about whether it’s better or not, but about how original Chili should be made.

On Halloween I like to make a big pot full and have all the fixin’s.  By then, down here, the weather is usually cool enough that it’s the perfect meal for a chilly night.  Light up the fire pit, visit with neighbors and have some hot spiced cider…boy my mouth is watering and it’s 106 degrees today!  Guess I’ll have to wait for a cool snap.  Seems like a long, long way off right now though.

So, that’s our state dish…why don’t you take a minute and check out what dish your state loves the most.  Maybe you can share it with us.  New recipes are always welcome.

By the way, a favorite website I love to visit is  and is run by Chef Keith Snow.  He specializes in showing readers how to use  freshly harvested vegetables in amazing recipes.  He and his family have a farm and live in an area blessed with abundant produce locally grown.  I think its worth a look.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the trivia and please post those recipes!

Please remember to pray for our nation.

A Proud Daughter of Texas

A New Voice…first blog ever…


Sometimes you just feel the need to speak out…whether anyone listens or not.  It releases something inside and frees emotions that otherwise would be brewing or swirling.  I guess these days we are doing a bit too much brewing, but with this blog maybe I’ll get some things off my chest so to speak…and you may enjoy some anecdotes along the way.

I love my God, my State of Texas and my nation, in that order.  My family should probably come between God and Texas!  I am a Republican with Libertarian leanings and enjoy prepping for the future.  I like to take care of my family and prepping helps me to live a more peaceful life.

My BIGGEST pet peeve comes from people who move into our state and gladly take jobs and money, but complain about everything Texan.  Go somewhere else or SHUT UP!!!!  Boy that felt great!  Believe it or not I’m a pretty nice person…but wow that gets my back up super fast!

From time to time I will link resources that are interesting to me.  Hope you enjoy them.  So here is the first.    I have learned so much from this man.  I don’t always agree with him and his language is sometimes a little salty for me but I love to listen.

Well, I guess that’s it for today.  Oh and please pray for our nation.

A Proud Daughter of Texas